This type of marketing is on the rise due to the vast number of people using social networks. What our social media management does is that they make one person promote their product. Those connected to this promoter spread the products name to their respective pages. This creates a chain reaction and soon, your product name is on everybody’s lips.

How can it be so successful?

Since the marketing is done by person-to-person and not by a large banner displaying on the page, the product receives creditability as a natural result, which only works in the marketers favour. This type of advertise is especially good for those who work on a budget. Our experts therefore make full use of this tactic and as such offer full support on all social media including Facebook Fan Page Development and similar support.

Definitive Strategy is Key:

No type of social media marketing in Dubai can ever be successful if the person is unsure about a strategy. It is through carefully thought up strategy that a marketing campaign can be successful. Especially with a social media company like us, who know exactly how to come up with a winning strategy. We basically keep two factors in mind which result in explosive positive responses.



Nobody likes to be cheated or deceived. In order to avoid such unfavourable circumstances, it is best to be transparent about everything. Straight forwardly tell the terms and conditions. Even in business, honesty takes priority and as a social media agency, it is one of our rules.


Be clear about everything you do. Do not over-complicate things and create loop-holes. Being transparent is of no use if you use very long, complex terms and conditions attached to your products. Be simple and clear so that everyone can understand. This causes an increase in sales as people like modesty.

We are always available to consult and help; after all it is our job.