Windows App Development

Have an idea for a Windows mobile application or even html 5 app development? Contact us and have the best of the Windows Phone App Developers bring your app idea to fruition. We have dabbled deep into the Windows Store and have gained enough experience with our hands-on analysis of the Windows experience. As such we bring to the table first-hand user experience in regards to the development and design of the application

Why Windows?

The Windows Phone is famous for one especially unique feature, its beautiful user interface. And who is better, to design beautiful software for a phone whose pride is in its beauty than us. We will design your app using C++, C#, Visual Basic and other technical languages that are friendly to the latest Windows 8 giving the end-user, a truly memorable user interface.

What’s in it for you?

>Microsoft promises, you will receive 80% revenue sharing when the app reaches $25,000 mark, considerably more than what Apple and Google offer. So having an app developed in the Windows Store is very profitable from a businessman’s perspective. But that is only so if the application even reaches the $25,000 mark. For that you need a successful Windows Phone Application Development Company like us who can not only develop an exquisite app but also promote it to bring major success.


The Store:

The Windows Store is currently the fastest growing application distributor market, seeing as how it reached the 160,000 mark in a shorter time span than Google and even Apple. This should be proof enough that this Store is in the process of evolving, and as such is readying itself to provide to an ever-growing market. Have our developers make for you an app that can dominate the Windows Store before all others.
Right now you have the ‘first-mover advantage’, but this window closes faster than you think. Hurry and have an app developed by us that is sure to bring success.