iPad App Development

The most revolutionary invention of the 21st century, simple, light and easy to master, the iPad is truly in a class of its own. And with up to 22.9 million units sold in 2012, the mad dash for iPad apps is on.

Being True to the iPad:

Nowadays many software houses claim to provide iPad application development. But what these so-called iPad app developers do is enlarge an ordinary iPhone app, completely ignoring the iPad’s capabilities. We at Appstrophic make full use of the iPad’s retina display, its 4-axis gyroscope, and its ultra-fast A6X processor to create a unique app that will make the user feel, and acknowledge the tremendous technology in his hands.

Expert Team:

>At Appstrophic, we have the absolute experts iPad application developers to make your application, and guarantee a truly unique experience regardless of what the final product is meant to be, for to us, it does not matter if it’s a game, an utility, a Book etc, we have credible experience in all types of iPad compatible softwares.  We fully utilize iPad unique traits such as pop-over interface elements and even account the upcoming iOS 7 with its new features in making your original iPad application.


Client priority:

It is part of our iPad app development and iPhone app development protocols to keep the client in the loop, always. This way, though it is our experts who design the application, it will be based on your input. Although, depending on your wish, we can make use of our own ingenuity in developing a one-of-a-kind app, since we have on our team expert app developers and game designers.