About us

CEO – A Message

At the initializing time period of Foreign Tree Systems, we had a clear idea to do the business not only just for the sake of addition to existing competitors but to implant a torrent of positive energy in the respective markets. Our primary goal is to provide the best services to our clients. In the present era of World Wide Web, it is vital to develop & maintain the website for industries (relating to any field) for the most effective results. Here at the Foreign Tree Systems we provide precise solutions to our customers while they emphasize on the development of their business.

Please feel free to visit our website to see, what our clients say about us. Through this you will have a clear vision about how good or bad our services are. Feel free to interact as it inspires us towards the development of our company & more chances to help people who are in need of software applications. God Bless you!

Mr. Ayaz Ashraf

Chief Executive Officer

Foreign Tree Systems

Existence of the Company

Since the last decade, Foreign Tree has been providing high qualitative mature software products & facilities to existing as well as new clients to help increase their business efficiency. Since the inauguration of the company in 2002, the company hired young, enthusiasts & experienced professionals who proved themselves to be highly motivated & dedicated towards their work. We build customized softwares & websites using the advance high-tech accommodating solutions in IT. Till now thousands of clients have come to the Foreign Tree to fulfil their softwares need so that they could compete in more effective & progressive manner.


Foreign Tree Systems aim to be groundbreaking in the field of Information Technology with reliable IT solutions. Our objectives doesn’t only concern in expanding our presence in the local IT market but also we plan to expand our business in international market. With this regard we decided to develop & maintain permanent relations with our customers. Besides all this, we are also eager to reach among those who are not part of IT culture.


Foreign Tree is developing a noteworthy position in the software industry keeping in mind, providing the maximum profit to the client in least possible time. Within a few years time it is expected to enhance the technological levels through constant improvements.